David Skinner
a personal introduction

Glad You Stopped By

This site is designed to acquaint us, professionally and as often happens, with work well done, personally as well. 

Its not a credential, an application or resume site. My results should speak for themselves . . . However the site should also bespeak of a unique career path, a rare combination of professional qualities and a solid set of values that you may find to your interest and hopefully your worth and while. 

Recently Ezine Articles began publishing most of my articles with a back link to this site. Key among their criteria was my experience in business branding, web marketing and free-lance author.

Their audience resources are much greater than mine alone. I have chosen to add a widget for those of you wondering what I'm up to. See widget box on the right. 

With that said, feel free to use this as a communications hub, to make your way, your opinions or your comments known. I am always looking for a challenge. 

Of course there is the quintessential Contacts Page --- use it freely, use it often, use it regarding questions, statements, opinions and/or your interest in collaboration.   
David Skinner