It's All About Me - A Bio 


I was born amongst vast numbers of Baby Boomers, from solid pioneer stock, in the prairie state of Nebraska. I attended Benson High School. Our team mascot was a bunny rabbit. We were the Fighting Benson Bunnies. I never really got over that.

Growing up kin to honest - hard working folk gave me a deep sense of values, pragmatic invention and an appreciation for indoor plumbing.


Throughout the seventies and eighties, I matured in stature and in circumstance, from real estate, management and development to securities sales and underwriting. A chance winning raffle for a resort vacation, changed life thereafter, yes my location, but not my vocation. Twenty five years later, I still reside in Mexico. I have a loving wife, 3 grown children and 5 yappy dogs.

Those decades taught me about markets, products, people and profits, all valuable lessons for the future.


This serendipitous combination led me to the threshold of the Internet. It was 1994, monitors turned from green or yellow to any color, and turned my interests to networks, hospitality, leisure and communications. I have ever since attempted to master these transforming issues. I'll leave it to others to decide.

True, as time marched on I have lost sight of my hair line, but never my goals.


As I look back . . . those down home values, the pioneer stock and the grit to stay true to the Bunny spirit have come in handy . . .

The indoor plumbing too!