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The Motive & The Mystery - Part III
In this the final episode of the 3 part series, I show through DNA testing the migratory path of my own family and overlay that with the theories of economics and finance of some of the greatest minds we've been fortunate to have. Where will you and your family rank from the Out of the Jungle and into a future we have yet to explore. Let this article stir your imagination.

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Off the Cloud and Into Beyond 
Part II 

In this the second of the series exploring man's evolutionary relationship with technology we assemble a host of futurists, tech experts and some great video. This all sets the stage, if not you wondering, "what's to come" in the third inclusion of our series. If your Day Timer appointment scheduler doesn't go out to 2045, then you better see this edition and the next to come

If you don't recognize the red eye, it's from Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey - the HAL 9000.


Out of the Mist and Onto the Cloud - Part I
The first of a three part series mapping the exciting adventures of man from his earliest roots, his love of technology and in this episode how he ended up on "The Cloud". 

Certainty of Risk

Avoiding risk is impossible. Recognizing the different types of risk is not only important, but essential for any business or any household. Knowing the certainty and planning for its avoidance or to minimize its effects when you can't, is the secret of getting things right. 

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Seek Capability - Not Culpability
When things don't go right as too often happens our first reaction is to strike out in anger - to place the blame on someone. Who is the culprit may be the wrong question to ask. Relying on the work of Dr. Edward Deming the real cause of most problems lies in the systems and processes. And who is responsible for these? Most often it's not the staff or line worker although they often receive the wrath. 

BECAUSE: You Want to Persuade
Regardless of your role in life wanting to influence and persuade others is a powerful and desirable thing. Here's the man most noted for his knowledge on the subject and here is the place to get started in your persuasive arguments and influence. Dr. Robert B. Cialdini is the most decorated individual in the study of persuasion today. Find it here first! 

The Best By a Dam Site
This is a story of man-made obstacles, nature's forces and self-determination to meet the highest standards. If you're ever traveling west from Loveland, CO up the Big Thompson Canyon, you'll pass the Dam Store. It's there you can view the specter around you, but more importantly realize the challenge you have been handed.  

Beyond Personal  Boundaries 
One man with a single conviction showed the world that what had always been thought impossible was in fact possible. His name was Roger Bannister. One could say from that day forward track and field, any unreachable goal or impossible task was only as impossible as the success to imagine it. 

Standardize & Personalize
One man stood out above all others in the redevelopment of Japan after WWII. His name is W. Edwards Deming. When called upon he duplicated his "Systems Thinking" for the auto industry and went on to create a program called TQM, Total Quality Management. He based his system on "Profound Knowledge". 

Brand Your Sand
What sets you apart from the competition is what we call brandKnowing and applying brand techniques to create brand equity builds your brand customers that are . . . loyal beyond reason and profitable beyond belief. 

Real Estate Versus the Stock Market:  
Mt. Vernon Herald News: A column I wrote in 1978 on real estate. Surprisingly conditions similar to today and my opinion so long ago. The take away lesson of this article is how we so quickly forget past errors and recommit them with such utter bewilderment of the consequences. 

Evangelists, Apostles and Profit! 
A couple years back authors McConnell and Huba proposed how enthusiastic-satisfied customers could be a sales force in and of themselves. Their best selling book was titled, Creating Customer EvangelistsI've taken the idea of a McConnell and Huba's sales force and expanded it throughout a whole company and how they not only create the Evangelists, but they are the Apostles as well. 

If the Picture is Crooked, Adjust the Frame - Re-branding
This article arose from an actual event, quotes an actual expert and concludes with actual advice to the hospitality industry. How you frame your message often results in wholly different outcomes - sometimes what we wanted and others -- simply not! 
High Tech - High Touch - High Trust: 
Coping with the uncertainty of change! 
As far back as 1982 futurist John Naisbitt spoke of the many changes before us. His accuracy and seemingly contrary views of the future shocked the prognosticators then and in retrospect soothes or in some figurative way resolves the conflicted feelings we hold now.  

I have built on Naisbitt's work with some of my own colloquial views. I think you'll enjoy the read. 

Cybernetics & Skinner's Onion Theory 
While probably not the only thing you will ever need to know this article takes you a long ways to understanding the "goin's round" about you. There are quotes from Teilhard de Chardin, Einstein and your humble correspondent - and I'm proud to be mentioned in their company. 
AIDA - Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks and the Science Behind It!
Some things never change and what attracts the cognitive mind today may have been present from the very beginning. Discover an important and proven part of any sales or marketing campaign -- discover AIDA! 

Brand Matters and always has!
As far back as 1957, author Vance Packard in his seminal work entitled The Hidden Persuaders revealed the psychological techniques and for those times, questionable subliminal tactics that were being applied as a way of promoting a product. "I dreamed I was . . . (Fill in the blanks)".

The Sales Cycle 
Anyone with sales or marketing savvy have either read about, thought about or experienced the subtle behaviors of the customer as they pass through the different phases of purchasing a product. Often YOU end up betwixt, bewildered or bothered . . . but there is more going on here than a simple 'pipeline' or Power Point presentation . I'll leave it for you to read . . . 

The Boomers Are Coming 
This insightful article uses the playful script of Jeff Foxworthy and "You Know You're a Red Neck If?" to bring together all those 'Baby Boomers' out there that may not be aware of their powerful marketing position. And we let Jeff tell us in his unique "YOU KNOW IF" format. 

Science Reveals Persuasive New Sales Techniques!
Scientists have recently discovered important differences in the decision-making styles of older versus younger adults, and suggest adjusting for these differences could greatly improve outcomes.