"My Brush With Death"
"And The God Effects" 

            June 8, 2013            David Skinner                    


My Brush With Death


May 20, 2013. Lying there in a Puerto Vallarta hospital, waiting for the surgical staff to come and push my gurney to what may be a life saving rescue or my ultimate end, I had time to think about the things that had brought me here.

Due to a perforated colon that caused diverticulitis in its worst form (infected internal organs and cavity) and a collapse onto the floor the night before, I knew things were seriously wrong and so I put my life in the hands of others. 

While some may be suspicions that my slurring speech and imbalance was rather due to years of boozing, I knew that was not the case. I had been sober for several months, excluding a couple binges and otherwise healthy and felt exonerated. Yet I had become poisoned by the bacterias emanating from the morass in my gut of festering feces of pus and blood affixed as a wad of waste to my internal organs.


For those that would prefer to say I was full of “s___t”, this is the appropriate place to insert it. This health condition probably took years to fully manifest itself, but only days to bring me to my knees.

As I Waited Surgury

The TV overhead was turned to the only English speaking channel and the entertainment featured was “The Jerry Springer Show” including all the ‘white trash’ antics you can imagine. I waited and I waited. Then with a swish, the team of doctors and nurses descended upon me, wheeled the gurney through the labyrinths of hallways and elevators where I finally came to rest under an expansive and reflective surgical lamp. Just as quickly the mask went over my face and I was out.

Upon Awakening

Four and a half hours passed I’m told. My colon was saved for a later surgery, but every other foreign substance had been removed, disposed of and 3 new plastic bags for organic purposes were attached, a nose to stomach drain and 5 tubes hung from bottles overhead and entered my arms in multiple locations.

I was awake, I was alone, and I was scared; Then it began . . . “The God Effects”.

  • Just as you’ve seen on Discovery Channel, a golden light brightened everything in the room.
  • I felt a presence beside me.
  • I believed I heard a voice say that my life would pass before my eyes.
  • At the end of which the voice granted my choice to pass over or return to what awaited me.
  • And so it began. First in "fast forward" like the whirling of a cheap cassette player until . . . And as I approached the present when my life began to make sense, it moved slower - frame by frame. The final one was of me lying on the gurney looking down at 'me' watching the episode of Jerry Springer. I had come full circle.

It Was Decision Time

I did not want my life to end like this; like a Jerry Springer episode with Maury Povich to follow. I decided and firmly declared: I want to return!

And just as quickly “The God Effects" ended and I was alone once again with my tubes, my bags, and my life.

It is now some two weeks later and I am able to set these words down in writing and ask your pardon for my absence. I’ve had time to think of many great subjects to write about and the blessing of my life to ponder. So give me a chance to build up my strength and I hope we will all live lives better than a “Jerry Springer Show”.

Thanks for your support.