Young  Real Estate guru

Young Insightful Real Estate Guru
Part One 

Page One: Part of a series of my real estate articles that appeared in the Mt. Vernon Herald Newspaper in 1978. The US was in a deep recession with housing and households suffering much as they are today. We were embroiled in a standoff with Iran and the dollar was shuttering to find its rightful price. Interest rates had hit 18%. 

I found myself, my voice and my opinion at the tender age of 30 and reported on the economic trends as I saw them.  Oh how quickly we forget! 

(This article is a scanned image of the actual news page shown here in two parts for clarity.)

If this and Page Two are difficult to read on your monitor, I suggest "Right Click, Save As" to your desktop to read off line. You can't expect newsprint to still be legible after 34 years.